Mullum Mullum - Manningham Community Magazine

GGC are currently in the process of completing the painting works at Mullum Mullum Stadium, Springvale Road, Donvale.

"Mullum Mullum Stadium is 6,000m2 of sustainable features, and once in operation, it will boast some impressive figures.

- 1,330 solar panels will help power the stadium.

- 450kW system will provide cumulative savings of $2.2 million over the 25 year life cycle.

- The facility will provide almost 18 million kilograms of CO2 savings out of the atmosphere over the system's life.

- This also equates to 3,250 vehicles off our roads or powering 3,125 homes.

"It is estimated that the stadium will cater for about 100,000 users annually."

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