We offer a vast range of painting, rendering and cleaning services,

including but not limited to the following:


Decorative, textured and protective solutions by our experienced team of painters to achieve long lasting desired effects. All acrylic and oil based primers, undercoats, sealers and top-coats are applied to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

>   Accredited Applicators of Acra-Tex

>   Texture Coatings

>   Moroccan Finishes

>   All major brands of texture coats applied by brush, roller and trowel

>   Spray Finishes

>   Metal Protection Solutions

>   Protective Solutions




For custom requirements of projects such as woodwork, anti-graffiti, steel, and other specialized treatments

>   Experienced in the application of Keim Mineral Paints

>   Nawkaw Applicator

>   Cement Based Paint Finishes

>   Rag Rolling and Sponging

>   Suede Effects

>   Metallic Finishes

>   Artistic Finishes

>   Paving Coatings

>   Wood Treatment (Stain & Varnish, Clear Finish)

>   Two Pack & Epoxy Coatings Applied (All industrial, Heavy Duty)

>   Wallpaper (Stripping, Pasting, All types)


Ensuring the protective and durable floor treatments conditioned to meet projects of all sizes including line marking

>   Heavy Duty Applications

>   Resistent Coatings (UV & Chemical)

>   Line marking


Let us assist you with the final touches upon the completion of your project to ensure guaranteed satisfaction. We offer a high standard of cleaning with works as per manufacturer specifications to ensure a guarantee of premium products used

>   Vacuuming

>   Dusting

>   Removal of Marks

>   General Cleaning of Internal Areas

>   Window Cleaning

>   Appliance Cleaning

>   Tiled Surfaces, Glass and Mirrors

>   Cleaning of Fixtures and Fittings

Residential painting

residential painting no matter how small or large we will paint it. we can help pick colours for your spaces with unlimited samples to make sure you are 100% sure of the colours.

All internal and external paintings

>  Minor repairs to timber or plaster surfaces  Including render repairs

Feature walls

Roof painting

Remove and install wallpapers

Joinery painting

>  2pack painting

commercial painting

a commercial project requires complex planning and management to ensure a high-quality finish on time and on budget. We have many professional painters who take pride in there work ready to take on the most complex projects. We take pride in our efforts to complete your projects as if it's our own and complete it on time and in the budget. 

 Internal and external painting
All access required to complete all painting works 
>  Environmental, quality and WHS policies specifically written for Golden Groups. 
Accurate estimation of all painting required to achieve the best possible price. 
>  Full-time supervision on every project.
>  Quality assurance in place for every project. 

industrial coatings

protect and enhance the appearance of your assets. As a customer, whatever your requirement, whether it be waterproofing, flooring, containment, water or wastewater, mining, construction or a military solution, you can rest assured your project will be carried out by our highly trained and committed applicators.

Protective coatings

Heavy duty coatings

Spray on applications

Tanks, transport, sports facilities, pipelines, manufacturing, mining, public spaces, infrastructure, equipment’s and many more

protection against impact, corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack and executing long term containment solutions.

Floor painting